Products and Services

Computer Generated Designs

Every design we do is professionally done with Auto-Cad software. It all starts meeting with you, the client. We then take photos of your home, then add them to our software. This is where we go to work and begin designing a landscape that is tailored to what you want. We are then able to show you before and after photos of your home on large scale paper (18″ x 24″). The 3-D view we show you will help you see what we propose, while the overhead view will give you specific details of each plant, and their locations. In addition, clients with an irrigation design will be able to use our overhead design for future reference to know where all their irrigation lines, wiring, valves and heads are in the landscape.

We do charge for our design services. Our rate varies depending on the size and amount of detail, however, if you choose us to do the installation, we refund the full amount to the final invoice.

Retaining Walls

From decorative planters around your home, to large scale structural walls, we have the knowledge and experience to install it properly. We have a wide range of stone available for you to choose from, including shape, size and color. Man-made stone or Natural. We have the stones for your home or business.

We have colored brochures and books to show you all the choices we offer. Pricing for retaining walls varies greatly, depending on the type of stone and difficulty of the installation. The price range for most installations is from $18.00 to $25.00 per Square Foot of Installation. The addition of a stairs\steps built in the retaining wall is an additional $250.00 per Tread.

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers come in many different shapes and sizes. In addition, the pavers used for drive-ways and streets are typically thicker than those for a patio or walkway. Brick pavers are an excellent addition to any landscape as they certainly add to the appearance of their surrounding, add value to the property, and also help give an individual touch.

As with retaining walls, pricing for brick paver installations varies depending on the two primary factors: type of material and difficulty of the installation. Our price ranges from $17.00 to 21.00 per Square Foot installed.

 Decks & All Season Rooms

Like most everything we do, these projects are fully customized to each client.  All structural components are built with top quality treated material.  After that, each deck an/or all season room is finished with the material you choose.  Each project is built to code and inspected by the city.  However, we typically build the structural aspect stronger than required so it will last for years to come.

Outdoor Kitchens

Homeowners have begun the trend of making their back yards an extension of their homes, instead of moving to a bigger home. With this concept, we also build outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and fire pits. Each one is fully customizable to you, the homeowner from size to shape – type of material and of course, price range.

Certified Erosion Control

Most of our clientel for erosion control consist of Builders and Contractors. We are able to perform inspections for you, as well as give suggestions to any upgrades that may be needed for any given site. We keep detailed records of each site in the case of an event. Since we are members of the C.P.E.S.C., we work directly with the Corps of Engineers and have good relations with the EPA, which helps you should an event happen, in which they would become involved.


The weather changes in the Kansas City area nearly as often as you open a window and look outside. Water is a very important asset to a quality landscape. Our irrigation systems are comprised of quality Rainbird products, and rigid pvc pipe and fittings. We do not use the flexible pipe for any of our main lines. In addition, we also add drain valves to every system to assist property owners on their efforts to winterize their systems.

Pricing for our irrigation installations has an initial $950.00 hook-up fee, which consists of a standard control box, rain sensor, main line tap, brass double-check valve and start up. From there, we charge “per zone” installed. This price varies from $450.00 to $500.00 per zone.

Quality Plant Material

Just like every client we have, plants come in all shapes, sizes and characteristics. Choosing the right plant for the right area can sometimes be the most difficult part of the project. The perfect plant for that focal point in the landscape is often different for many people. That’s why we take pride in working with our clients to show them what plants are available, and what plants are suitable for the area in question. We work with you to help you choose the plants that fit your home/property, and your personality.

The price range for our plant material varies greatly from trees to shrubs to flowers, along with their size. We install only high quality and very healthy plant material. For this reason, we may be slightly higher than other companies, but we feel this practice is in the best intrest of our clients and their satisfaction.


So you have landscaping issues, but you don’t know how to fix them. Or perhaps you enjoy doing the work yourself, but you need a little help to do it properly. Perhaps you are a business such as a golf course and you need an outside opinion. No matter the reason, we are here to help. In addition to being on-site, we also go back to the office (if necessary) and type out all the information pertinent to the areas in question. We typically have this information back to you within 2 business days.

Consulting Fees: Residential – $75.00 for the first hour & $50.00 per additional hour.

Commercial – $125.00 for the first hour & $100.00 per additional hour.

Golf Course & Parks – $500.00 per 8 hour day.

General Labor Hourly Rate: $35.00 per Man-Hour

This pay scale is used in reference for all work not covered by any of the above services.